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  1. I haven't seen anyone on this forum applying to Thomas Jefferson's biomedical science phd program, but just in case... Letting you guys know that they sent out interview invites today: Jan 24/25 and Feb.7/8 are the dates Applied: UCSF (neuro), Pitt (CNUP), Thomas Jefferson (BMS), Weill Cornell (neuro), Icahn (neuro), Albert Einstein (BMS), UW-Madison (Neuro) Interview (2/7): Pitt (CNUP), Thomas Jefferson University (BMS)Rejected (3/7): UW-Madison (neuro), Icahn (neuro), UCSF (neuro) Accepted (0/7): Waitlisted (0/7):
  2. If I recall correctly, the last weekend in Jan + 1st two weekends in Feb
  3. hi! I got the invite ~2 weeks ago and submitted my app somewhere around 11/26
  4. Oh yeah, I forgot to add it in there, I was referring to Neuro my bad
  5. Just letting you guys know that UCSF sent out some decisions via e-mail 2019 PhD Applications: Pitt (CNUP), UW-Madison (Neuro), Thomas Jefferson (Biomed), Weill Cornell (Neuro), Albert Einstein (Biomed), Icahn (Neuro), UCSF (neuro) Interview: Pitt (CNUP) Rejected: UW-Madison, UCSF Accepted: Attending:
  6. Not sure, but possibly?? ! Good luck!
  7. Late November (like the 20th something)
  8. Thank you! And I heard from them...can't remember the exact date, but it was ~2 weeks ago
  9. Thanks! And yep I did!
  10. Hi everyone! Thought I would join to track the application process! I applied to: Pitt, Icahn, Albert Einstein, UCSF, Weill Cornell, UW-Madison, and Thomas Jefferson So far: Rejected by University of Wisconsin and interview at Pitt (which I'm really stoked about)

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