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  1. I had a 3.0 GPA from a top 20 school, mediocre GRE scores, and ~4 years of full-time experience as a technician in neuroscience labs. I just got into a Neuroscience PhD program for Fall 2019!!! I've been in your boat for 4 years-- agonizing over my low GPA, but my admittance should show you that anything is possible and that some programs really value strong research experience over perfect academic records!!! There is hope.
  2. I'm guessing that these are all finished sending out invites, but has anyone received rejections from the following: NYU, Emory, Vanderbilt, Dartmouth, Georgetown, Einstein, Weill Cornell, SUNY Downstate, Drexel, GA State? Will all programs reach out with rejections, or should we call to find out our status? I got accepted to my first choice (!!!) but want to hear a final word on the rest before accepting the offer. Thanks!
  3. People who interviewed at CUNY-- has anyone heard back RE admissions decisions? I heard that the Admissions Committee met on Wednesday and had to submit their decisions to admin by yesterday (Friday)
  4. Does anyone know if Albert Einstein has already sent out all of their interview invites?
  5. What are the chances of hearing from schools during the winter holiday? I can't imagine feeling this anxious allllll break without work to distract me ?
  6. Can those who got interview invites to NYU post their stats?
  7. Hi! I would greatly appreciate any advice on my competitiveness as an applicant to Neuroscience PhD programs. Here's a bit about me: Graduated from top 20 college with a 3.0 GPA, majored in Neuroscience & Behavioral Biology. I did horribly my freshman & sophomore years-- came from a bad public school system in FL and wasn't prepared for the rigors of pre-med. But after I began my neuroscience courses, my GPA rose exponentially, with a 3.5 GPA in my major. I mentioned this briefly in my statement of purpose, but have had varying advice as to how much explaining I should do in my apps. I had two research assistant positions in college and a year-long independent research study. After graduation, I worked as a lab manager for two years in a spinal cord injury lab at a top 20 public school, where I basically ran the entire lab, supervised the techs & students, and designed and executed of the experiments (the PI was in his 70s and didn't have graduate students or post-docs, but is well known in his field). We were close and I'll get a positive LOR from him. I have 1 publication, 1 first-author poster presentation, and 2 co-author abstracts. I am currently a lab technician at an Ivy League university in a neuroscience lab (been in current position for 1.5 yrs). My GRE scores are very very mediocre-- V=157, Q=147. AWA 4.5 but I'm retaking next week. I'm wondering--do I have a shot AT ALL with my low gpa and likely lowish GRE scores? If not, would it be advisable to try to do a masters in neuroscience instead of taking a 5th year off as a technician? At this point, I've accumulated such a vast set of lab skills as a technician that I'm not sure how much of a difference another year will make. Here is my application list (all Neuroscience PhD programs). Do I have too many "reach" schools given my stats? I'm feeling pretty hopeless right now about my chances to ANY of these schools and it's so hard to gauge their competitiveness, so any insight as well as suggestions of places in my range would be greatly appreciated! 1) NYU, 2) Albert Einstein, 3) CUNY, 4) Emory University, 5) Mount Sinai, 6) Weill Cornell, 7) Georgetown, 8) Georgia State. 9) SUNY Downstate Medical Center. 10) Rutgers (Newark), 11) University of Michigan- Ann Arbor, 12) Vanderbilt, 13) Wesleyan, 14) University of Miami (maybe), 15) American (maybe), 16) Dartmouth (maybe)
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