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  1. Hi, I have a bachelor's degree in biotechnology from India with GPA 3.82/4. I have a 5 years of work experience in molecular biology laboratory. I have four posters so far ( two as a first author, presented at international conferences). I want to stay in research lab in industry as research team lead and later technical director or CTO. After doing some research on people who are currently working at these positions, I found that most of them are PhDs. I have applied to some good PhD programs in Cancer Biology and molecular biology in US universities. I am also applying to some masters programs. After having discussion on the same topic with peers and mentors, I received mixed feedback ,i.e, some said that PhD is not necessary for the positions that you aim to hold in future whereas some think otherwise. Is it a wise decision to start a PhD so late in the career ? Suggestions and opinions are welcomed !
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