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    In years past, current students have been notified about calling newly admitted students after the decisions go out. I wonder if any current Ed.M. students have been asked to call...
    Really truly hoping for today but not counting on it. 
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    Hello all!
    *stressed* MBE applicant here. Been lurking for a while but decided to post!
    Had a friend call admissions... no answer, but he left a message. Will keep you all posted if they decide to call him back. Good luck to everyone!
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    Does anyone have any insight on if it will be today or not? 😅
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    So nervous for the possibility of tomorrow! I may not be able to sleep tonight 😂
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    Anyone anxiously hoping for results to come out on Friday (1st) like me 🤣? I know it’s unlikely, but still have my fingers crossed, haha. 
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    Thank you for the detailed and informed perspective. It's great to hear that you were able to choose from a number of papers while submitting writing samples to doctoral applications. I agree that being able to effectively articulate your study objectives doesn't require independent research experience, but I do believe that having the experience will allow you to answer by providing granular details. At the same time, perhaps doctoral admissions committees don't really consider such granularity as foundational to their assessment of candidates. It's also heartening to hear that you had several peers involved in the research projects of faculty members. 

    While I have your attention, I'm going to be an opportunist and ask a few other questions, given your background as an HGSE grad: 
    1. Any thoughts about the MBE program? Do you know how large the cohort was, and whether there were any international students in it? It's understandable if you don't know cos of the sheer number of programs at the Masters level, but thought I'd ask as MBE and L&L are related. The same info about L&L will actually be helpful as well. 
    2. How many of the referees who submitted rec letters for you were HGSE professors from your program? Just trying to get an idea about how familiar professors are with a student's individual academic profile and strengths...
    3. Any thoughts on the pros and cons of the J-term, and whether you took a course during the term? 

    Thanks again for the response! And good luck with your doctoral applications 
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