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  1. Mine is up! I’m on the waitlist for the PhD program and I was accepted into the Learning and Teaching master’s. Really excited!!
  2. In years past, current students have been notified about calling newly admitted students after the decisions go out. I wonder if any current Ed.M. students have been asked to call... Really truly hoping for today but not counting on it.
  3. I am anxiously awaiting some information on when PhD admission calls will be made! Judging from the results of years past, it seems like they should go out starting sometime today or tomorrow!
  4. I think this is spot on. The programs are for very different ends.
  5. Hi, all! Would anyone who interview for the PhD program mind sharing how the interview went and what you were told in terms of timeline going forward? I interviewed this week and I would love to just hear some other experiences so I can know how to interpret mine. Feel free to PM!
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