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  1. Be thorough with your essays. Align whatever you say about yourselves with what you have written in your essays. Regarding case studies, I don't think you need to worry too much. It was pretty straight forward. 30 mins are enough for you to crack it. Read it once, then read it again. Go through each question one by one. Write the answers down in the way you'd want to tell them to the interviewer, if that helps you. Most importantly, clear your mind. I didn't read anything on my interview day. Relax, the interviewers are quite sweet. All the best!
  2. Hi, the interviewer asked me to tell briefly about myself. Next, he jumped straight on to the case study questions/discussion. Post this, again it was personal. He asked about my motivation to join the program and how will the program help me.
  3. Hello all, It's my first post on the group. To the people who have had their interview, can you kindly share the case study prompt? What were your experiences at the interview? My interview is scheduled on 22nd Feb!

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