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    noobie_11 reacted to DRMF in Given an interview date but not received time till last date   
    Have you emailed/called? Checked spam folders etc.? My specific interview schedules were all sent to me 2-7 days in advance.
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    noobie_11 reacted to scottdickson86 in "Tell me about yourself"   
    My POI said "Let's begin with you telling me about yourself for five minutes."
    I told him about my undergrad, why I chose my major, the work I've done in the last five years, and why I want to pursue grad school.
    He was typing all the things that I was saying. I can hear his keyboards. Haha
    I think this question just gauges your motivation for applying to grad school. When I interview new college graduates for entry level engineering positions at work, I ask the question simply to know how much the kid wants the job. People who can tell you exactly why they're doing something usually get your attention. You want someone who wants something and can tell you exactly why. 
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    noobie_11 reacted to Steven44 in 2019 Canadian MPPA/MPP/MPA Hopefuls   
    just got an acceptance from Ryerson today, super surprised because of my low gpa. Declining in favor of Waterloo, gl to anybody else who applied! 
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