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  1. I am profoundly worried that they are seeing the letters "ADHD" in my explanation statements/personal background statements and throwing it in the "not in a million years" pile.
  2. I just wanted to follow up on this since I posted it, to say that I did get into the MS program. I was notified about 2 weeks ago. Thanks for keeping me a little bit less obsessive, everyone.
  3. That seems really odd. Last year when I went through my slew of rejections, schools were always happy to go over my application strengths and weaknesses with me. Oh well, forget them anyway.
  4. Thanks for your responses everyone. You're all right obviously. It's the middle of the quarter here since UCD is on the quarter system, and they have to get all the committee members together which I realize is probably hard at this point. I will wait at least another week or two to call and ask about a status update. Just gotta find something to occupy my time until then.... Persona 3 FES, that's right.
  5. Well TECHNICALLY the supporting documents were all received and updated in their system by May 5, not mailed by May 5, but you're probably right regardless. I'm just so over this whole process after the ordeal with vet school admissions (September to March is a long time over which to stretch the process!).
  6. Hi, so I'm going to make this a bit short and sweet. This year, I applied to a DVM (Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine) program as well as a Genetics PhD program here at UC Davis. Both are related to my future goals. Well, I didn't get into the Genetics PhD and I did get an interview for the DVM but ultimately was not accepted. I'm more than a little bit unimpressed with these results, but they're necessary to lead into my question. Now, the Genetics PhD got back to me in February, but nobody answered my response e-mail to ask about things I could do to improve or whether an MS admission was fea
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