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  1. SciGuy720

    2019 Results

    The only hard dates I've seen were for the Dean's Merit Scholarship event (full-day programming next Friday with some optional sessions on Thursday). Sorry to not be of more help!
  2. SciGuy720

    LBJ MPA/MGPS Fall 2019

    Just curious if anyone else on here applied prior to the R1 deadline and is still "In Review"? I have emailed the Graduate Coordinator twice and and have been told that they hope to have all R1 decisions out "soon". Has anyone in a similar situation gotten any further details? I have several offers with funding but LBJ was always high on my list and it sounds like this has been an issue for them in the past. Any info that anyone has would be appreciated.
  3. SciGuy720

    2019 Results

    Congrats @andreg97! I also got a full Dean's Scholarship to USC-Price! Almost fell over when I opened the package. Still haven't heard anything from LBJ despite applying before the 12/15 deadline. I emailed the program coordinator and they just said that everyone would hear back "soon". Just gotta keep waiting I suppose! As always, best of luck to all!
  4. SciGuy720

    LBJ MPA/MGPS Fall 2019

    Congrats @madrid, that's awesome! I emailed the Grad Coordinator today because my portal still says "In Review". They quickly responded and said decisions are rolling out and everyone should hear something soon. Just wanted to update in the event that others are still waiting to hear back as well! Best of luck to all!
  5. SciGuy720

    2019 Results

    Thanks for the heads up! I just checked my portal and my status still shows "In Review" with no decision documents. I hope all went well on your end!
  6. SciGuy720

    2019 Results

    Totally! It wasn't until after I posted that I realized submission dates would've been helpful. I applied prior to 11/30. It's my understanding (based on prior McCourt threads) that this November 30th "deadline" is new for them but it did mean they were announcing some decisions in mid January. I have been trying to piece together reasonable decision timelines based on the respective program threads from prior years so I'll include my application dates below. Chicago-Harris- Applied: Early Action (11/26/18) Decision: 1/7/19 (Phone call from admissions representative, phone calls began on 1/3. Official letter posted to portal 1/9 w/ funding info) Georgetown-McCourt- Applied: 11/29 Decision: 1/15 (Letter w/ funding info on portal. Alerted of portal update via email.) Texas-LBJ- Applied: 12/15 (Round 1) Decision: TBA (Based on prior threads, it seems that R1 decisions are typically released the week of Valentine's Day w/ funding info 2(ish) weeks after) USC-Price- Applied: 12/15 (Scholarship Deadline) Decision: TBA (Based on prior threads, it seems that R1 decisions are typically released the week of Valentine's Day) Duke-Sanford- Applied: 1/5 Decision: TBA HKS- Applied : 12/3 Decision: Early March (according to HKS website) Best of luck to everyone as decisions start to come in!
  7. SciGuy720

    2019 Results

    Thanks for getting this started! Here are my responses, best of luck to everyone as decisions start coming in Program Applied To: (MPA, MPP, IR, etc.) : MPP or MPA (depending on school) Schools Applied To: Chicago-Harris (MPP), Georgetown-McCourt (MPP), Texas-LBJ (MPAff), USC-Price (MPP), Duke-Sanford (MPP), HKS (MPP) Schools Admitted To: Chicago-Harris ($$), Georgetown-McCourt ($$) Schools Rejected From: Still Waiting: Texas-LBJ (MPAff), USC-Price (MPP), Duke-Sanford (MPP), HKS (MPP) Undergraduate institution: Small public-liberal arts college in New England Undergraduate GPA: 3.54 (Grad: May 2013) Last 60 hours of Undergraduate GPA (if applicable): N/A Undergraduate Major: Secondary Education- Chemistry (Biology Minor) GRE Quantitative Score: 159 GRE Verbal Score: 165 GRE AW Score: 5.5 Years Out of Undergrad (if applicable): 6 Years of Work Experience: 6 Describe Relevant Work Experience: I have been a high school science teacher and coach since graduating from undergrad so any work in Government/Public Affairs will be a significant shift. Strength of SOP (be honest, describe the process, etc): My SOP focused on how the skills I gained as a science teacher could be applied toward work in Energy/Environmental Policy. I made sure to reference specific deficiencies in my background that I felt could be addressed through the pursuit of graduate studies at their school. I would say it was a solid, if unremarkable, SOP that gave the admissions committees a clear sense of why I want to pursue a degree at their school and what I hope to accomplish after graduation. Strength of LOR's (be honest, describe the process, etc): All three LORs were professional given how much time has passed since I finished undergrad. I tried to pick a diverse group of recommenders who had seen me work in a variety of capacities (high-level admin, direct supervisor, colleague) and could discuss my intellectual capabilities as well as my leadership potential. I have worked closely with each individual for the past 3-5 years. Other: My undergraduate studies were pretty heavy on quantitative courses (Calculus, Statistics, Organic Chemistry (I & II), Biochemistry, Calc-based Physics, Microeconomics, along with several other science electives). I'm not sure if this matters but I felt that some level of quantitative history helped my application (no way of knowing if this is true).

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