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  1. I have a full-time job in USAID contracting in the DC area and am interested in attending grad school at night while working, so that I can take advantage of my employer's tuition reimbursement. Has anyone done this at GW Elliott, American SIS, or Johns Hopkins SAIS (from what I can tell it's not possible here?) How many credits per semester is feasible? Thanks in advance!
  2. Accepted AFLI French Senegal scholarship!!!
  3. Per the username, I'm studying abroad in Paris this semester and am hoping for a Boren to continue studying French this summer/fall in Senegal 😊 It seems from past threads that alternates were notified at the same time as everyone else!
  4. Last year was released around 1:30pm EST, the year before that 10:15am, year before that 9:45am, year before that 12:40pm, year before that 2:00pm. Hopefully we'll hear sooner rather than later, it's brutal being in Europe and having to wait all day 😬
  5. On another note, I'm still holding some hope decisions might come out today...
  6. What's interesting is, depending on the year you look at, some years it seems the second budget email doesn't even matter? That's from looking at the spreadsheet shared a while back in this thread and past threads, where there have been instances of people not receiving a second email and getting the award. Then again some years it seems to be an unmistakable correlation ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Re: flagship applicants, the second budget email I got was from an address called "BorenAFLI". My budget was definitely not questionable, as I'm only intending to participate in the official programs paid directly by Boren. Still got a second email so my guess is that every FLI applicant gets the second one--which seems consistent with this thread. You're also right that FLI applicants have better chances, it seems Boren has money set aside for these programs, aka a set amount of spots it needs to fill every year. According to this report from 2017 the FLI acceptance rates tend to be around 50% https://nsep.gov/sites/default/files/NSEP Annual Report 2017 FINAL with Front and Back Covers.pdf
  7. Someone should call today, I would but I'm in Europe. It seems from past threads if you call the day of decisions they usually tell you if they're coming out later that day 😅 if you can't tell I'm stressing like crazy
  8. Welp, there goes doing anything productive on Thursday or Friday...
  9. When do you guys think we'll hear back? Last two years has been the Monday of the third week in April, which would mean April 15th (11 days?!?)
  10. I am applying for AFLI but did not make any changes to my budget from the first budget email. From the beginning I've only been applying for summer and fall, which don't even require a budget proposal as AFLI pays the fees directly.
  11. That is correct, applying for French AFLI in Senegal.
  12. @itsthemecca also not sure if you've seen this but in 2017 a full 50% of scholarship applicants for AFLI were accepted, much better odds than the 15% overall https://nsep.gov/sites/default/files/NSEP Annual Report 2017 FINAL with Front and Back Covers.pdf
  13. @moussdutoxx @SportPhD Looking at the spreadsheet it seems that nobody who was rejected received the second budget email. Just got mine yesterday so hoping that's a good sign...
  14. Checking in! I'm applying for the Boren Scholarship for the AFLI French program in Senegal. Super excited as the on-campus deadline approaches! How's everyone feeling about their essays?
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