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  1. Hey guys! I'm currently considering these three schools and programs and would love some insight: Master's in Global Policy Studies at UT Austin Master of Arts in Arab Studies at Georgetown University International Policy and Development at Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey Just a couple notes: Location isn't super important. I know the argument for a lot of East Coast and big name schools is that they're ideal for networking and opportunities. However, I do have a job lined up post-grad that will be in DC, so the need to network and be in the
  2. Long time lurker here, but is anyone aware of the time-frame of when they'd send out emails? I have a seminar today thats like 4 hours long, and so I know I probably won't be able to sit still lol.
  3. Hey, I'm also currently in Moscow! What program are you in, if you don't mind me asking? I'm with American Councils.
  4. Ayeeee, congrats!! Where are you headed? I'm placed in Tangier.
  5. NOTIFICATIONS ARE OUTTTTTT!!!! Arabic finalist!! Good luck to everyone else!!
  6. Hey, does anyone know if placements are based on language ability? For example, I applied for Advanced Arabic and am curious to know whether the more advanced speakers are usually sent to Jordan or Morocco as opposed to Oman?
  7. It's May 2nd...have any alternates heard anything back yet? Or would it still be too early?
  8. Guys, just got alternate status. Good luck to the rest of you!
  9. Even if we all didn't get accepted, we would've still known our status before the end of the day...rejected, alternate, or otherwise...
  10. So far I've only seen one. I think that person applied to Senegal for Wolof.
  11. Struggling to write this paper that's due tomorrow...but I don't think my mind will be able to really focus unless I know, whether it's good or bad news 😬
  12. In general, I think that flagship people and fellowships receive their emails first and then the scholarship notices come later in the day. Last year, for the flagships and fellowships, it was in the early afternoon and scholarships were later. However, the year before, flagships and fellowships got their emails in the morning....idk, this year seems pretty bizarre to begin with, so I guess we can't really say.
  13. Hey, I found this from the Boren site: "Selection panels will also seek wide geographic and diverse institutional representation among candidates, as well as ethnic and gender diversity and distribution among academic disciplines related to national security interests." However, to the extent of their consideration of marginalized groups, not too sure...
  14. When Boren sent us the first budget email, they mentioned that when we log in we'd see a prompt asking to add additional budget info. Apparently, this option/prompt had gone away, not the general 'add info' option.
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