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  1. I wanted to make a post to summarize my application results, since I liked reading them from previous years. Undergrad GPA: 3.96, GRE: 159V/157Q/5.5W. I had about 3 years of various research experience when applying. I graduated in spring 2018. I did not have any publications and I only presented a senior capstone project at an undergrad research conference. My letter writers presumably wrote some kick ass letters also. I applied to 5 schools, all criminology/criminal justice programs: U of Maryland, SUNY Albany, UC Irvine, George Mason University, and John Jay. I received acceptan
  2. Maryland acceptances just came out. Got very fortunate during this season and have some choices to make 😁
  3. I didn't apply to FSU, so I'm unhelpful in regards to them. Although, I do know that Irvine sent out acceptances on Tuesday (about a week after the interview process).
  4. Florida and Irvine have sent out acceptances according to the results pages
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