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  1. chemiscool

    Chemistry Fall 2019 cycle

    when I called them in mid jan (like jan 15ish) they said the committee was still meeting so I thought we'd hear back maybe end of january but it's looking like you're right ?
  2. chemiscool

    Chemistry Fall 2019 cycle

    Anyone know when we will hear back from Scripps and Berkeley? I figure it's basically a rejection from berkeley at this point, but I thought Scripps would send out more interviews.
  3. Thank you for your response, I was hoping that'd be the case!
  4. TL;WR: Are all dark tennis shoes really that bad for a non- business professional interview weekend with walking when I don't have a lot of shoe options? Will casual shoes ruin my chances if I'm dressed business casual? I have an interview coming up in a week or so for chemistry. I was told we didn't need to worry about wearing suits, and that the atmosphere was casual for the weekend. That said, I plan to be more business casual than "just presentable" casual. Unfortunately, I have a healing foot injury and cannot wear heels or flats and don't currently have nice shoes as I wear tennis shoes for lab. Is it okay to wear sneakers if this isn't business professional and I was told casual but I want to look presentable? Will they even see my feet? Flats don't have enough support for my feet and we'll be walking a lot.
  5. chemiscool

    Visiting Weekends 2019

    UM-Ann Arbor: February 22-23; March 22-23 University of Chicago: February 7-9; February 21-23 University of Washington: February 21-23; March 7-9 UW-Madison: February 15-17; March 8-10 Yale: March 7-8; March 28-29 Columbia: February 8-10; March 8-10 Northwestern: March 15-17; March 22-24 (On the department website) UCSF: January 27 - 28, and February 3 - 4 (this is assuming that the interview serves as the visiting weekend because why fly candidates out twice when interviews are required)

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