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  1. MikeM77

    Yale MFA 2019

    one hour to go guys ??
  2. MikeM77

    Yale MFA 2019

    In the email they state that the decisions will be sent out by March 9th
  3. Yale stared with the interviews today ? Do we have anyone who’s been to one or will be attanding it this or next week? Would love to hear what kind of questions they ask
  4. MikeM77

    Yale MFA 2019

    How’s everyone preparing for the interview next week? I have to admit I’m a little bit nervous as I’m still waiting for my portfolio that’s been shipped from Europe almost ten days ago..
  5. Wow that was fast!? edit: also got an interview for 2d
  6. MikeM77

    Yale MFA 2019

    Will be anyone else from here on campus on Thursday 28th?
  7. MikeM77

    Yale MFA 2019

    Got an interview as well, going on Thursday 28 Feb
  8. MikeM77

    Yale MFA 2019

    Yeah, I guess that’s fair since they get hundreds of applications. This is probably from one of the students there as they also have a big say who gets in and who don’t.
  9. MikeM77

    Yale MFA 2019

    I’m applying for the first time too. From what I have read here on the forum, application’s status will be updated 9am on Friday and emails will be sent in the evening. Both Karel and Michael are in the school today, probably selecting who’s gonna get invited to an interview. good luck to everyone who applied ?
  10. MikeM77

    Yale MFA 2019

    Did anyone else got a hit from New Haven?
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