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  1. I was accepted into a number of NT Phd programs this last cycle. During the interview stage, at least half the schools asked me about my language background. Greek is obviously necessary: I had around 4 years total including Koine, Classical, Byzantine, Patristic, etc. The committees also asked about Hebrew: I had two years; that seemed to be enough. Many programs will eventually require a reading knowledge of German and French, so it's good to come in with at least one of those. I got the impression that Latin was the least important, but of course that might vary according to your interest. I had taken only one year. Hope this helps.
  2. I did reach out to my POIs at the two institutions where I'm waitlisted. In each case I received kind responses. But I'm almost positive that it in no way helped me get higher up the waitlist totem pole. The list is already "set" by the adcom. I also think one has to be really careful to avoid coming across as annoying/desperate. I had already communicated with one of the POI prior to applying, and I learned (from a friend) that the other POI is happy to answer questions. So, I knew that they wouldn't be put off by a short email. In those cases, it may be possible to craft a friendly email thanking the POI for reviewing your application, mentioning that you look forward to the results, and that's about it. I suppose that at least puts your name "out there." And nah, I wouldn't ask what position you occupy on the waitlist. He/she may end up telling you. But it seems too straightforward to ask.... imho.
  3. I'm also on a couple waitlists (not for NES though). From what I've been told, it's difficult to predict exactly when waitlists will shift. Part of the difficulty is due to the fact that admitted students sometimes wait until the very last possible moment to make decisions. Last year, for example, there was a student who sat on ALL his/her schools until April 15 (!!!!). Of course that caused chaos for everyone; departments hate it as well. What's worse, it can all cause a domino effect because, for example, I won't turn down another school Y where I'm currently admitted until I hear from school X. So everybody on the list for Y is waiting around too. So that's the hard reality. On the other hand, I do know of people who get off waitlists relatively early, even in early March. . .
  4. I heard from someone else at ND that faculty are meeting tomorrow and sending out decisions on Monday...?
  5. I know of OT and NT acceptances that have gone out at Emory. I've been waitlisted there for my subfield but haven't yet received an email. I found out by contacting my POI (usually not advisable). If you still haven't heard from Emory, you're probably either rejected or on a short waitlist.
  6. Just received a rejection letter from U Chicago. Good luck to everyone else!
  7. I wasn't at either event, unfortunately. But I interviewed at both via skype.
  8. Thanks, all. Yes, the interview was on Jan 31, so about 2 weeks ago. I suspected I had a shot given my fit with the department, but other than that I didn't have any indications.
  9. Rejection from SMU. But acceptance from Baylor. Anybody hear about results from the Emory interviews?
  10. I spoke with SMU the other day; they said they'll be sending out initial acceptances over the next week or two.
  11. No word from U Chicago Div on my end. Does anyone know if they do interviews?
  12. Sure. I heard from a close friend of mine that he received an interview invite from the Ancient Christianity subfield. He got the invite last Thursday, according to what he told me. I wouldn't be surprised if some but not all invites have gone out.
  13. I can confirm some of these. I've (very thankfully) received invites to Emory, Baylor, Vanderbilt, Duke ThD, and UT Austin. I also know of people who have received invitations from PTS and Yale. I cannot say, however, that every school has sent out *all* their invitations. Best of luck to everyone!
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