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  1. @Unconsolidated_Regolith Were you the Central acceptance today? I haven't heard anything from any of the schools I applied to, and I know there's still lots of time (especially since they aren't top programs that start early) but I'm starting to get very antsy!
  2. Did you get the email from Central Washington today? Saying they'll send acceptances once they know how many TA spots they have. I'm getting super anxious! Should be the next few weeks.
  3. I'm at a large state university, as an undergrad/single mom, and there are some resources for parents here, but I think it's a fight anywhere. Our campus has a childcare center, but waitlists can be over a year. If you can waitlist for childcare where you've applied, do it. I've waitlisted for housing places that have huge waits, even though I haven't gotten in, because the fees were cheaper than what I would have spent on extra rent for a year waiting. If it doesn't cost, especially, get on the list. It will save you a headache. Also, look at local groups that help with low income families (i
  4. I have heard nothing from any of these schools, other than an interview with a prof that I contacted from Boise State. Late-February to end of March is what I've heard from my current adviser who knows about these programs (they're all regional to me), but you can check in your myCWU portal if you want.
  5. I know that undergrad to PhD does happen, but I've spoken with several profs who won't accept PhD students directly from undergrad, for various reasons. I've also been told by many current PhD students that it's just not really a thing in a lot of the geosciences, regardless of what you've done in undergrad. I've done two research projects, including conference presentations, and contributed to 4 papers, and applied to M.S. degrees anyway.
  6. I'm at Washington State right now and would not go here for my masters. Also, I have no idea about atmo (it's in the environmental science side) but the geochemistry and volcanology program is amazing. Department politics really don't make me want to stay here.
  7. Undergrad Institution: Big State School, not a robust undergrad Earth Science program, but famous labs Major(s): Earth Science Minor(s): Nope GPA in Major: ~3.8 Overall GPA: 3.2 Position in Class: We don't rank Type of Student: Domestic GRE Scores (revised/old version): Q:149 V:159 W:5.5 Research Experience: 2 Undergrad Internships 2 Poster Competitions Contributed to ~4 published papers Awards/Honors/Recognitions: Won 2 Undergrad Poster Competitions Pertinent Activities or Jobs: T
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