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  1. I just got notified that I am waitlisted for my top program. The registrar said "You are on our waitlist. You will hear back by mid-Apri." Just wondering if it's appropriate if I respond by asking where I am on the waitlist? Does anyone have advice? Thanks!
  2. Has anyone with a degree other than a BSW applied to a Canadian MSW program? I have an honours psychology degree and a developmental studies degree, and I may be attending a pre-MSW program this fall which "prepares" you for direct entry into the Universities MSW program the following year. Just wondering if anyone has been accepted into an MSW program with a degree other than BSW or a pre-masters MSW from a different school. I'd like to get my pre-masters from this school then apply out of province for MSW! Wondering if it's possible!? Thanks in advance!
  3. I would love to know this as well! My application is still "under review" and I've had no contact.
  4. I'm in the exact same situation as you, except the schools I applied to apparently don't do interviews. I've seen people post rejections and (two) acceptances. I still haven't heard anything and my application status is "under review." It's driving me crazy but I'm too nervous to reach out to the programs to find out where I'm at! Good luck!
  5. Would the two people who posted acceptances to U Alberta SCCP on the results page please DM me their POI they indicated on their application (if comfortable doing so). Thanks!
  6. I personally haven’t heard anything from OISE.
  7. So sorry to hear. I'm waiting on my results. How did you find out?
  8. I am wondering the same. Were you offered an interview or shortlist spot?
  9. Thank you for this info! Do you mind if I PM you to ask you a bit about the program?
  10. Does anyone know if the University of Alberta school/clinical child psychology program does interviews? Thanks!
  11. To the poster who asked if any OISE school and clinical child psych applications went from "Document Received" to "Under Review" mine did back in November about 1 week after I applied.
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