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  1. Thank you! Good luck in your interview as well! Hope both of us get good news next week
  2. Yes I also got an email requesting a skype interview on Friday. Nervous..
  3. I think you will be above fine if your research interest fits well! And I also agree with @E-P cuz I saw many cases around me getting admissions without any publication. Don’t worry we never know!
  4. I dont have fancy profile..I have one working paper(ready for submission), one conference paper, and I got above 80% on verbal and above 50% on quant... Also i do have master’s degree on communication (international). How about you?
  5. Hey I also applied to Austin-Advertising phd program. Have you heard anything?
  6. No I haven’t heard anything and it says “in review” on my status page.. When did you contact them?
  7. Hi, congrats to everyone who got acceptance! Did anyone apply to UT Austin advertising?
  8. Hi, do you know if UCD interviews international students outside the US?
  9. I applied to UW-Madison (mass communication) and did not receive anything too.. Do they normally do more than one round for admission?
  10. Does anyone know if UC Davis usually send out interviews? I see no interview request from the past but there are two people who got interview request email for this year..
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