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  1. I appreciate the status update, but I'm not sure we'd be in the same department. I applied to the School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences, and was told acceptances would start to trickle out around mid February. I still have hope. As for anyone who applied to UNC-Charlotte Earth Sciences program, I had an informal interview with a POI who told me one of the graduate school administrators is on family leave, which is delaying the process a bit.
  2. Blah, everything stinks. My #1 school, by a long mile, is Stony Brook. It checks boxes- faculty doing research in what I want to do, and it's a train ride a way from NYC. My girlfriend lives in NYC and I would really like to kill two birds with one stone with graduate school and ending our current long distance. Unfortunately, they've stayed silent. I have *obsessively* checked everywhere for morsels of information on where people have been accepted, and although there aren't any acceptances on grad cafe, I found one on Facebook. Blah. Looking at the grad cafe history, I have until about early March before I get into "you might be rejected" territory so not completely sweating it. On the other hand, the other school I applied to just my last letter of rec today. I had a professor fall of the face of the earth, then realized last week my backup fell off the face of the earth. I'm sure that will impact my admission at some places, but oh well. My second choice is UNC-Charlotte, which is a not so well known atmospheric science program. I don't want to qualify it by saying it's a safety school, but I treated it as such. Now though, I'm giving it a little more focus. I emailed a professor today who's research is another flush match with what I want to do, who is advertising he has two TA spots open on his university website. I think emailing potential POIs after submitting an application is considered somewhat taboo, but whatever gets the job done! I wish I had emailed earlier, but that window is gone. I generally think making a contact now is better than no contact at all. Anyway, that's my little rant. To the folks who are getting acceptances, congrats, hopefully I can get in on the action soon!
  3. Undergrad Institution: NC State Major(s): Undergrad - Meteorology Minor(s): Nope GPA in Major: 3.38 Overall GPA: 3.10 Position in Class: N/A Type of Student: Traditional White Male GRE Scores: Q: 162 V: 162 W: 4.0 Research Experience: NSF REU at Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences researching stable water isotopes Awards/Honors/Recognitions: Pretty bland in this department Pertinent Activities or Jobs: Student Volunteer at American Meteorological Society Two internships and 9 month stint in broadcast meteorology Any Miscellaneous Accomplishments that Might Help: N/A Special Bonus Points: LoR should be pretty robust, experience as a live TV weatherman is a unique. Any Other Info That Shows Up On Your App and Might Matter: No Applying to Where: M.S. At Penn State, SUNY Stony Brook, SUNY Albany, UNC Charlotte For grad student standards I consider myself somewhat mediocre; proud of the GRE and cultivating great relationships with some professors, but wish GPA and extra honors and awards was a little more solid. Also would of liked to eke out a poster presentation from REU, but timing didn't work out I'm also really hoping that schools don't view my quick departure from broadcast meteorology as a negative; touched on it in my statement of purpose some.
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