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  1. I appreciate the status update, but I'm not sure we'd be in the same department. I applied to the School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences, and was told acceptances would start to trickle out around mid February. I still have hope. As for anyone who applied to UNC-Charlotte Earth Sciences program, I had an informal interview with a POI who told me one of the graduate school administrators is on family leave, which is delaying the process a bit.
  2. Blah, everything stinks. My #1 school, by a long mile, is Stony Brook. It checks boxes- faculty doing research in what I want to do, and it's a train ride a way from NYC. My girlfriend lives in NYC and I would really like to kill two birds with one stone with graduate school and ending our current long distance. Unfortunately, they've stayed silent. I have *obsessively* checked everywhere for morsels of information on where people have been accepted, and although there aren't any acceptances on grad cafe, I found one on Facebook. Blah. Looking at the grad cafe history, I have until about early
  3. Undergrad Institution: NC State Major(s): Undergrad - Meteorology Minor(s): Nope GPA in Major: 3.38 Overall GPA: 3.10 Position in Class: N/A Type of Student: Traditional White Male GRE Scores: Q: 162 V: 162 W: 4.0 Research Experience: NSF REU at Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences researching stable water isotopes Awards/Honors/Recognitions: Pretty bland in this department Pertinent Activities or Jobs: Student Volunteer at American Meteorological Society Two internships an
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