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  1. @kronotsky I was rejected from caltech today too... I was expecting it though and am super thankful to have some good choices. Glad that wait is over!!!
  2. Hopefully I get these tags correct... Here is an update from what I know! I am sorry to tell you @5beats3summers but I received an official letter of acceptance for Stony Brook in late January with funding details and their visit day is March 7-10. The deadline to respond yes or no to the visit day was March 11th. Acceptance came from Geoscience Dept and I expressed interest in working with Dr. Hurowitz / planetary science / Mars stuff. If you want more details feel free to direct message me. @Kamen @cratergator @Camillalxy @jimmay @BrockHarrison I still think there is a little hope
  3. I actually did post my profile, I think it’s on the second page of this thread. Caltech, Brown, Stanford, Rice, Stony Brook! ?
  4. Wtf that is so harsh, I’m so sorry that happened to you. Also. I unofficially received an offer from a PI at Stanford, have arranged a visit for Feb 28, and have yet to receive any official or portal letter of any kind. I really think it is still too early for Stanford. I can let you know if/when I get a more formal letter! @Camillalxy yeah... I’m bummed about caltech too... I suppose you never know though! It’s not over until you’re officially rejected!!
  5. @Aerinite @airwiz I haven't heard anything from Caltech either (GPS, Geology Option with interest in planetary science)... not a good sign lol. The past five years of grad cafe submissions indicate that they send out a ton of rejections in the middle of Feb (14th and 15) too...
  6. @Camillalxy All the PI really said was that it was too early in the admissions process to say for certain but that he plans to admit me along with two other prospective students. And then he coordinated a visit for all three of us and him. So it's still really early!!!
  7. Hi! Excuse me if I did this wrong, it is my first time posting on Grad Cafe. Congrats @kronotsky on getting accepted to UW Seattle I was wondering if you've heard from Caltech GPS at all (or know anyone that has?), given that you did your undergrad there? Also, who are you looking to work with there? I ask because it's my top choice and it's the only school I haven't heard a peep from them since applying. So long as I'm commenting, I will fill out my profile. I hope it doesn't give anyone anxiety, because I've heard from 4/5 schools already... I visited and had interactions with eve
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