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  1. Looking for some help making this decisions. I only applied to 4 schools (3 in US and 1 in UK). I am not originally from the US or the UK but have my MSc from top London school. I have been offered a place at Oxford for PhD but am concerned that I am making a mistake by staying in the UK. Long term, I would rather be in the US and am waaaay more excited about programmes there... Options include: 1) Take Oxford offer and enjoy! 2) Start at Oxford and try to re-apply while in first year. Is this a really bad habit? 3) Decline Oxford and re-apply to US schools for 2020. Would love some advice!
  2. So in regards to Columbia. I emailed with a prof today that I had a good conversation with prior to applying. They had 340 applicants and accepted 14 people. He said this was the the most difficult and impressive admissions cycle in his 20+ years of being involved in the process. If you haven’t heard then maybe reach out to your POI but most likely those acceptances and rejections are legitimate.
  3. Seems like there has only been two acceptances to Columbia...anyone in here heard from them? Also when people say they are contacting their POI, are you just emailing to say in a nice way “what’s the hold up?”
  4. Hey guys! Do you think all the Berkeley accepts went out yesterday via phone? I’m an international applicant currently based in London, UK so a bit out of the loop (and time zones). Waiting to host my pity party at the nearest pub ? Congrats to everyone so far and best of luck!
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