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  1. notthatbuthis

    NELC / Near Eastern Studies Fall 2019

    Hi, I checked the results for Harvard and it seems they have already sent a couple. They're both MA's, has anybody heard anything about PhD's? Should I be hopeful that no PhD acceptances have been recorded yet or should I just wait for a rejection letter to come some time next week?
  2. notthatbuthis

    Fall 2019 Applicants

    Sorry I am a bit late to everything. I got an interview from Johns Hopkins. My field is Islamic Art. Feel free to ask me anything. Good luck everyone!
  3. notthatbuthis

    Post here to get your worries off your chest

    I am hoping that putting all of this into writing will help me but we'll see. Worries: I won't be accepted anywhere. No interviews yet. Acceptances/rejections in my field haven't started to roll out yet, but the waiting is making me very nervous. I am afraid that my mediocre undergrad GPA will hold me back. I am an international student and it took a while for me to get used to the US system. I submitted my applications very late, mostly on the last day of the deadlines. I had a lot of trouble with my LoRs - not the writers but the process. Which is my fault for applying so late. I am still in an MA program, the applications have taken up my time last semester and this uncertainty will mentally keep me from working on my thesis next semester. I have been successful in my MA so far but I cannot tell if it's a small pond situation, not to mention the great amount of chance that plays into getting accepted. Excitement: I love academia. The past years in my MA program have been wonderful and given me hope that I can also succeed in a PhD program. I am at the level where I can handle the stress and workload. Living in the US for a couple of years has been something I've always wanted and I'm looking forward to that. I just need one school to give me a chance.

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