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  1. Hi, I checked the results for Harvard and it seems they have already sent a couple. They're both MA's, has anybody heard anything about PhD's? Should I be hopeful that no PhD acceptances have been recorded yet or should I just wait for a rejection letter to come some time next week?
  2. Sorry I am a bit late to everything. I got an interview from Johns Hopkins. My field is Islamic Art. Feel free to ask me anything. Good luck everyone!
  3. I am hoping that putting all of this into writing will help me but we'll see. Worries: I won't be accepted anywhere. No interviews yet. Acceptances/rejections in my field haven't started to roll out yet, but the waiting is making me very nervous. I am afraid that my mediocre undergrad GPA will hold me back. I am an international student and it took a while for me to get used to the US system. I submitted my applications very late, mostly on the last day of the deadlines. I had a lot of trouble with my LoRs - not the writers but the process. Which is my fault for applying so late. I am still in an MA program, the applications have taken up my time last semester and this uncertainty will mentally keep me from working on my thesis next semester. I have been successful in my MA so far but I cannot tell if it's a small pond situation, not to mention the great amount of chance that plays into getting accepted. Excitement: I love academia. The past years in my MA program have been wonderful and given me hope that I can also succeed in a PhD program. I am at the level where I can handle the stress and workload. Living in the US for a couple of years has been something I've always wanted and I'm looking forward to that. I just need one school to give me a chance.
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