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  1. Hi all! I've recently been awarded the Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme to get a social science PhD at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. It's a great personal choice for many reasons (faculty, funding, location, proximity to field site), but since it's more of an up-and-coming program, its placement track record is not great, and I'm definitely concerned about job prospects, especially in the US and UK. Still, it's where most of my excitement is, so I'd love to take the offer as long as it's not like 100% career suicide. I know next to nothing about the mileage one gets with a PhD from
  2. The main thing I did was to move back to my geographic area of research interest and take about a year of university-level courses in the local language. In retrospect, there were more things I could have done but didn't, such as improve my GRE scores, publish original work, get involved at local conferences and seek out work opportunities (paid or volunteer) that would have related to my scholarly aspirations. I would recommend getting started on these things as soon as possible while the frustration of rejection is still fresh in your mind, you'll thank yourself when the next application cyc
  3. Welp, got the expected rejections from NYU and Harvard. NYU was just not a very great fit so no surprise there. Some mild disappointment about Harvard, as the fit was actually quite strong, but obviously it is not really a shock. Basically, I am waiting to hear back about one admissions decision (where it seems as though I've been waitlisted) and two funding decisions, but fortunately I was admitted to one of my better fitting programs (UCSD) so I'll be happy if that's where I end up. Just for those who haven't gotten any admits: this is my third time going through this process. I
  4. First of all, congrats on the acceptances! Generally, I would say that you couldn't really go wrong with any of those choices, though of course research overlap is an important factor, and that's something you'll want to figure out just by digging deeper into the specific work being put out by your potential committee members. Without considering your situation in that regard, though, I would go with Stanford. Personally, I think Tanya Luhrmann is one of the best in the business, and it would be massively cool to work with her. You'd also be in good hands med anth-wise with Angela Garcia.
  5. There were also at least 5 interview result postings last year vs. 1 this year. Maybe it's due to decreased site traffic, but perhaps they did less interviews this time around. /optimistic justification
  6. Would be very curious to hear if the Harvard admit had an interview. I got a message from them awhile back asking to submit further information about my language competencies, but was never invited to interview, so I'm not really sure how much hope to have at the moment...
  7. Hi all, hope everybody is managing the pressure decently. I have a question about rankings. Namely, how much do the program-specific anthro rankings (say, the ones by QS) truly matter? If a program presents a strong fit in terms of faculty and overall research overlap, but falls within the 51-100 tier, which is the more important element to pay attention to? Do low rankings tend to lead to problems when it comes time for job placement even if the faculty/program fit was exceptional? Obviously this is not an exact science, but would nonetheless appreciate thoughts on this issue :)
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