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  1. Hey all, Between Stanford University, University of Chicago and the University of Toronto, where do you folks think I should attend for a PhD in Socio-cultural Anthropology / Medical Anthropology.
  2. From my understanding of the program yes. I spoke with the department a couple days ago and they stated that interviews were typically a part of the program. That being said, I don't think interviews have been sent out yet.
  3. They updated the webpage with rejections, which is where I found my rejection. Haha, sigh.
  4. It's all good. They said between one and two weeks for me, most likely two-ish. So I think there's still time.
  5. No, they posted late. They were interviewed on January 31st.
  6. Hi Anama, I can neither confirm nor deny that uChicago admits students without interview. It may be the case, but it seems unlikely. They told me in the interview that ~280 people applied this year to the program. I am unsure of how many interviews were sent out. Currently there are about ~168 graduate students in the department. My guess is that they enroll about 15-20 graduate applicants each year. My interview at Berkeley was short and intense -> (Exactly 15 minutes), and was a panel interview with four interviewers. My interview at uChicago was relaxed, gradual. In genera
  7. Hey Nisaba, Mine seemed very tame. It lasted for quite a while ~50 mins, and they seemed to do most of talking. They did mention the results. They should be announced in the next 7 to 10 days.
  8. Do people have thoughts on the University of Chicago for anthropology? Should I attend if accepted?
  9. If you are interested in hiring practices in anthropology consult these recent publications: Market share and recent hiring trends in anthropology faculty positions (2018) https://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0202528#pone-0202528-g001 or The Social Network of US Academic Anthropology and Its Inequalities (2018) https://doi.org/10.1111/aman.13158 Below, sociocultural placement data:
  10. I just got a Chicago interview invite, I think that they're sort of doing them gradually, rather than all at once.
  11. Oh that makes much more sense. Thank you! I'm not sure if I'll get it, but I'll keep you folks up-to-date if I do. Still anxiously waiting to hear back from the rest haha.
  12. I got a Knight-Hennessy interview invite, so I'm just assuming that I'm going to be invited to interview by Stanford, but I haven't received formal invite yet from the department of anthropology. Good luck to you in the programs synthema! Too bad about the HASTS interviews though (at least for me).
  13. Hey LetsGetThisBread, I think that MIT HASTS did, in fact, notify. Check out this link. https://www.thegradcafe.com/survey/index.php?q=HASTS
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