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  1. Phoebed

    New York, NY

    Hi everyone. I may fork out for NYU Stuyvs housing in the first year but I also have an option to share my friend's very large studio on the upper west side. Haven't fully decided yet and need to talk through some 'terms and conditions' with my friend. Figured I'd eventually move out to Brooklyn in my second year.
  2. Phoebed

    New York, NY

    Yes, I am. Although not 100% decided. I've been meaning to post here for a while but have been too scared about reading a barrage of responses saying how impossible it is to live there as a student! What you planning on for housing?
  3. Phoebed


    Bananas: NYU notified all its 10 acceptances back in late Feb. I have no idea about notification of the waitlist but the open day for accepted students was the end of march. Seamail: Sounds like you've done a lot of work preparing. One thing though. It is in fact a bit of a myth that anthropologists are only interested in the 'exotic'. It actually has a more complex history than that (Joan Vincent has written interesting stuff about this). 'Western' ethnography and debates about its value, the status of the fieldworker etc have been ongoing since the 70s and have had built considerable status and momentum since that time. I work in science and technology studies and we use laboratories, objects, medicines, technology and many other 'non exotic' locations as our field. Equally interesting is conceptualising alternative historical and geographical boundaries against the traditional anthro image of the lone fieldworker in a defined, bounded location. Just a thought - bored at work. Where are you based anyway and where are you thinking of applying for the masters?
  4. Phoebed


    Hi seamail, I'm also an anthro UK person and got offers everywhere i applied. I actually had a conversation with a professor specifically about this issue of fieldwork and my intuition is that yes, it is an extremely significant aspect of anthropology that cannot be overlooked and that many people feel sets anthropology apart from other social sciences, giving it its unique focus. However, the idea of what a 'field' is, is very much contested and up for grabs at the moment and you might think about playing with this contestation in your research and applications. It does sound from your post that your interests are quite sociological/pol science. Perhaps you need to think through what your 'field' could be and how it would give a unique 'anthropological' slant to your research. Personally, I am all about challenging the notion of the 'field' but not necessarily challenging the idea of 'fieldwork', which is why I ultimately went for an anthro dept over a sociology one. I've got a masters from the UK and feel that this put me in good standing with my apps (many profs also told me that UK anthro students are thought of as good applicants). I'd be really interested to hear more about your thoughts and experiences, so will post this privately to you and set up some communication, if that's ok.
  5. Phoebed


    I got an offer from the New School for Anthro with a Dean's Fellowship. I haven't made up my mind - they're being so great about it and seem like an amazing bunch of people offering a really good programme. Problem is there's not much money! what's your first choice?
  6. Phoebed


    Dwai, as you observed, I'm also a potential NYU-er. I'll try and send you a private message so we can correspond.
  7. Phoebed

    can anyone please decipher this? SOS

    Hmmmm, Where I live is really important to me. In fact my order of what's important is match with program followed by where I live and only then do I look at the school's reputation. They should accomodate you too - NYU are putting me up with students. Have you checked this out?
  8. Phoebed

    can anyone please decipher this? SOS

    NYU are paying my flight over from the UK plus a little extra for taxis, meals etc. Mind you, I've agreed to be reimbursed, placing me temporarily, yet firmly in the red! I'm sure Harvard should do something similar. Ask.
  9. Phoebed


    Only UCSD for Science Studies and Sociology and then some schools in the UK. Wow, you've done really well, judging by your acceptances so far! What's your field of interest/top choice?
  10. Phoebed


    I just got into NYU this morning. I am so happy. It was so much beyond my top choice!
  11. Phoebed

    Sociology '07

    Supersonicman: I got into UCSD on Friday. A professor from the Soc/Sci Studies programme called me.

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