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  1. Anyone hear anything yet? @pensivefont @Raphaellin @SeeIt @BaeHH
  2. @BaeHH: Is your interview with some from SEAS or GSD?
  3. @BaeHH: This year, only applied to MDE. If that doesn’t work out will probably apply to more next year. Interview process is interesting to say the least given it’s technically not required. Hope it goes well for you guys!
  4. Makes sense @pensivefont. Did you apply to MDE? Which other similar programs did you apply to? @BaeHH
  5. @BaeHH Good luck! Hope it goes well. Wondering why they have interviews if those aren’t required. Has anyone been accepted in the previous years without an interview?
  6. Does anyone know if interviews are required in order to be admitted? Seems like not everyone is invited to interview.
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