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  1. Happy to add to that neuroticism. Based on this thread from three years ago, people seem to have gotten off the waitlist from May 10 through sometime in early June, in waves (probably due to those who got off the waitlist but didn't accept their offer). The deadline for awardees to accept that year was April 25, so I figure we'll probably see a similar timeline.
  2. I would like to know too. I emailed the PMO but didn't get any response. I think we will just have to wait until the deadline of April 29 and see what happens from there.
  3. Yes, my status says "(Status: Wait List)"
  4. Looking at the spreadsheet, it looks like there are a ton of waitlisted people (myself included). If the spreadsheet is representative and all 4/16 and 4/17 updates represent all the accepted and waitlisted people, 25% of applicants were waitlisted or accepted. If the acceptance rate is about 5% as expected, this means there are 4x as many waitlistees as acceptances. I think a waitlist is more like a fancy rejection than anything--the chances you get off the waitlist seem pretty low.
  5. Same--another round of this shit incoming lmao
  6. To me the size of December and February gang actually is in line with this theory. Slide 36 of the oft-cited http://www.oasdre-hbcumiworkshop.com/2019_presentations/07-Wisecarver_Robinson_HBCU_Workshop_with_AFOSR_overview.pdf notes that 30% of the top candidates move on to the DoD for selection. Right now about 66% of people in our spreadsheet have December thru February last updates, which is in line with the idea that anyone with an April update was being evaluated by the DoD.
  7. This makes a lot of sense. If this were the case, the 4/13 people are the winners. We will see if this turns out to be true.
  8. I've looked at this too. At least for me going to that URL just redirects to the login page. I think it's likely that there's no "hidden information" in Sysplus' system, they literally just don't have the info from the DoD, so they wouldn't really have anything to hide.
  9. Don't worry, I have the same neuroticism about my research too
  10. I had a 4/3 update, but no 4/6 update (I think I'm the first one on this thread with this?) Hope this doesn't mean I'm out... This is so intense. It better not take till Friday.
  11. Here to add another datapoint. Electrical Engineering, ARO. Originally had 2/28 as my last updated date but like so many others it changed to 4/3 yesterday. Is there anyone who had a 2/28 who did not have a 4/3 update? Or anyone who did not have a 2/28 update who had a 4/3 one? Just trying to figure out what these updates might represent.
  12. I received an acceptance and I am in EE (signal processing/optimization). I had an interview and another prof reached out to me today saying they wanted to talk to me and encouraging to visit. I am not sure about all candidates, maybe hardware people haven't heard back yet.
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