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  1. Welp, got rejected by Stanford today.  So thats 2/3 rejections for me.  Honestly though I had kind of made my peace with the fact that I might not get in anywhere.  If my last one is an admit itll be a surprise for sure, but Im weirdly ok with across the board rejections.  Somewhere along the line this year I stopped tying my self worth with academic success and thats made a huge difference on my outlook.  Not knowing what Im going to do after my masters feels oddly liberating. 

  2. Finish my thesis, cry a lot, then join my husband at his afb and sell pyramid scheme leggings?


    Actually though Im not sure.  Im finishing my masters degree this semester but I went to school to see if I liked academia enough to pursue a PhD because ultimately I wanted to teach. So I guess Id try again next year.

  3. 1 hour ago, BrockHarrison said:

    Stanford is doing interviews (potential grad visit) right now. I was there last Friday. I think there are still more people coming in for interviews so they won't make decisions until after the interviewing process is over.

    Thats very disappointing.  I really thought I had a shot there. 

  4. Oh god one of my application statuses went from *under review* to *being processed*  sometime in the last few days I am not emotionally ready for this I have things to do please.


    Also, thanks to everyone who had a kind reply about my.....unfortunate POI situation.  After our first call I was pretty certain I didnt want to work with him after all those red flags, but it still was pretty crappy to hear.  Also, after that call he made me promise to visit? Then a few days later changed his mind? So strange haha. Im glad I didnt get in.



  5. I saw Stanford sent out a notice to someone today.  If youre reading this, was it the generic email to look at the portal?  Also, im sorry about that.


    I just got my first notice and rejection the other day, so Im waiting with bated breath over here.  Also, a fun fact I learned from this rejection: you can have excellent qualifications but be rejected based whether the POI likes you or not.  I got an offer to visit from this school, then my POI grilled me on my personality last week, and got my visit rescinded based off (and im paraphrasing since I deleted that email) "depsite an excellent background, you werent excited enough and fit is incredibly important".  Which I believe is code for they personally didnt like me.  Ultimately it makes sense to base a decision off that, especially in a PhD program, but damn does that sting. 


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