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  1. Welp, got rejected by Stanford today. So thats 2/3 rejections for me. Honestly though I had kind of made my peace with the fact that I might not get in anywhere. If my last one is an admit itll be a surprise for sure, but Im weirdly ok with across the board rejections. Somewhere along the line this year I stopped tying my self worth with academic success and thats made a huge difference on my outlook. Not knowing what Im going to do after my masters feels oddly liberating.
  2. im getting ready to defend my masters thesis along with waiting, and a few weeks ago I had a dream that my current advisor invited one of my POIs to my defense as an interview. It did not go well and I forgot everything, but instead of critiquing me they beat the shit out of me. I woke up as I thought I was dying in my dream.
  3. Im sure everyone is pretty stressed about waiting, so heres to hoping everyone who hasnt heard something gets good news soon!
  4. Finish my thesis, cry a lot, then join my husband at his afb and sell pyramid scheme leggings? Actually though Im not sure. Im finishing my masters degree this semester but I went to school to see if I liked academia enough to pursue a PhD because ultimately I wanted to teach. So I guess Id try again next year.
  5. Thats very disappointing. I really thought I had a shot there.
  6. Oh god one of my application statuses went from *under review* to *being processed* sometime in the last few days I am not emotionally ready for this I have things to do please. Also, thanks to everyone who had a kind reply about my.....unfortunate POI situation. After our first call I was pretty certain I didnt want to work with him after all those red flags, but it still was pretty crappy to hear. Also, after that call he made me promise to visit? Then a few days later changed his mind? So strange haha. Im glad I didnt get in.
  7. I saw Stanford sent out a notice to someone today. If youre reading this, was it the generic email to look at the portal? Also, im sorry about that. I just got my first notice and rejection the other day, so Im waiting with bated breath over here. Also, a fun fact I learned from this rejection: you can have excellent qualifications but be rejected based whether the POI likes you or not. I got an offer to visit from this school, then my POI grilled me on my personality last week, and got my visit rescinded based off (and im paraphrasing since I deleted that email) "depsite an ex
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