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  1. Ok, that makes alot more sense. Thanks for clearing up the confusion (I was unaware that there were different divisions within the same country). Congratulations on receiving the Fulbright
  2. That sounds like a really interesting project, why did you choose Lithuania to study this specific topic?
  3. How long do I wait? I mean, I usually just call the phone number and get immediately transferred by his secretary. Can anyone help me figure out why the person would incorrectly fill out the spreadsheet when none of the announcements have gone out yet?
  4. Ok, so I just got off the phone with Jermaine Jones who said that it is IMPOSSIBLE that ANYONE who applied to Israel has been notified of the final selection process yet. He said that the Israel board abroad has made their decision, however, he is waiting on the FSB to make their final approvals. Until this happens he said that no one will know their status. He hopes it will be in the month of April but said that beyond that he cannot really make an assessment as to when. So I don't know why the person entered into the spreadsheet that they have been accepted since Jermaine assured me that all
  5. Good luck! Let us know what Jermaine says.

  6. No, I'm not applying for an ETA, I'm applying for the full grant. I'll still call him tomorrow to verify and try to get him to be more specific.
  7. I actually called Jermaine, who told me I should receive notification sometime in April (he was extremely vague as to when exactly). It's odd that someone already was notified - I thought that a country sent them out at the same time. Do you think I should be worried?
  8. Hello, I'm new to the forum; it's nice to see there's people out there who are going through the same thing. To those who are finalists congratulations. I am currently a finalist for a full grant for research in Israel and like many of you am anxiously awaiting notification. I am wondering if anyone here can help me out as to when I should expect to receive notification.
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