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  1. I sent you a PM with my prospective lab info
  2. I've been weighing my options, but I will more than likely take the offer from Tulane.
  3. I think they are paid but I'm unsure about the details.
  4. Congrats to your partner! If you don't get in this cycle, check with both departments and see if they will hire you as a lab tech. There were a few prospective grad students who are currently lab techs and I'm sure it gave them a leg up on their application.
  5. Thanks! I hope things work out for you too I’m interested in ecophysiology and how climate change will impact organisms and their ability to adapt. Tulane is a great school for plant ecology. There’s several professors doing plant (and fungal) research, and I met many graduate students and prospective students who work on plants
  6. I was accepted, and it's my first acceptance of the four programs I applied to. I have a visit to another program coming up in early March, so currently I am unsure whether I will attend, but the fit is excellent for me and I would be incredibly happy in the program.
  7. It went well! The department is really friendly. But there’s only enough funding for 5-6 students total in the department so faculty who had hoped for students may get none. New faculty will be given priority but they will be capped at less than what they originally intended. I hope this information helps.
  8. UT Austin EEB did interviews at the end of last week. I have a friend who attended.
  9. I applied to the Tulane EEB program. I will be attending the recruitment weekend Feb 14-17th. Since they still have to conduct interviews, no one will know if they've been accepted until the end of the month.
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