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  1. What is a graceful way to decline an offer?
  2. I am considering SVA, although concerned about $$! Now I'm wondering if asking for more funding would be an option...SVA is the only acceptance I received (unless I get off the MICA waitlist), so I don't have any other funding offers to mention to them.
  3. welp, rejected from Tulane 5 weeks after interviewing. Got an email with a link to the admissions portal, which seems to be the kiss of death in these things. Not sure if grad school will work out this year, but currently not keen on repeating this process again.
  4. I got $12,000 a year in merit scholarship. I'm happy to receive the scholarship, but cost of living with the remaining cost of the program would definitely result in me taking out more loans than I feel comfortable with
  5. Waitlisted at MICA Mt Royal! Since I never heard anything after the application deadline, I had written them off as a rejection. I'm honestly a little confused by the timeline though, since I wouldn't hear if a space opens up until mid-April through even possibly late July, and it seems like I would need to have my mind made up about any other schools by April 15? How likely is it to get into a school off of their waitlist, and how many people does MICA usually waitlist? I also got into SVA, but I'm not sure if it will be financially doable with the amount of aid I received 😞
  6. How long after an interview would you generally expect to hear something back?
  7. Which program/medium did you apply for?
  8. Hey! The first email I received about acceptance said April 15th was the deadline for enrollment. The follow-up email with scholarship information said to pay an enrollment fee "no later than March 1" in the letter attached
  9. Thanks! When I asked if I there was any flexibility on their deadline (March 1), they said there was no guarantee my scholarship wouldn't get offered to someone else, so I feel like I have to enroll just in case. I haven't actually had the chance to even visit yet. Has anyone heard from MICA mount royal (interdisciplinary)?
  10. Hi, long-time lurker, first-time poster here....I got accepted to SVA Fine Arts with a scholarship (albeit a little small)! Only thing is, the deadline to accept my scholarship/pay an enrollment fee is about a month before I will hear back from the other schools I applied to. What do people do in this situation- is it best to go ahead and pay the fee and officially decide later?
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