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  1. My interview was literally 1 minute, the longest part was waiting in line (at 4 different lines) and security checks. The officer just looked at my file and asked me "so you're going to do a PhD in chemistry at X university?" to which I answered yes, and he replied "ok, your visa is approved" but obviously your mileage my vary, usually phd ones are easier because you're fully funded, while for a master's they might look more into your financial situation it also varies for different countries so my advice is: be prepared for everything, but also be relaxed... save the stress for the interview at the airport 😂 (that scares the hell out of me)
  2. same here I think 2 suitcases won't be enough, so I'm planning on having some boxes shipped to me once I settle down... no way I can feet both summer and winter clothes plus books and other stuff in just 2 airplane size luggage
  3. if you're taking a loan I think it falls under personal funds
  4. advice on my new laptop: Macbook Pro or Macbook Air? I'm going to do a Chemistry PhD, specifically organic chemistry, so no need for fancy modeling software, just office and some chemdraw or data analysis (plus TA duty, but that shouldn't require much horsepower). I'm leaning toward the Pro at the moment, because it would be more futureproof and also because a dual core CPU doesn't "feel" enough... idk, anyone using chemdraw or other heavy software on a 2018 macbok air?
  5. I'm an international student, so YMMV, but everyone I've talked to so far has been extremely polite and welcoming! Even when I had problems with bureaucracy (shipping documents, incorrect stuff, lost paperworks etc) they have been very kind and responsive (like answering my email in 30 min max and with useful information/solutions to my problems) which is a thing I was not used to in my previous uni. My "new student advisor" put me in contact with current grad students and I had the chance to exchange some messages with them, and they also have been very friendly.
  6. catalysis

    Auburn, AL

    any past grad school have ever heard or used this? http://graduate.auburn.edu/orientation/international-graduate-students/housing-on-campus-for-students-temporarily-host-program/
  7. catalysis

    Auburn, AL

    great! if you want there's a whatsapp group created by another member https://chat.whatsapp.com/DGyVfXUUR2OKMyEenof5mq/ there's not many people inside yet though
  8. catalysis

    Auburn, AL

    nice! international or american?
  9. Yes, there are other fees (especially for internationals) but they usually are in the 500-1000$ per year range. This should still leave you with enough money to pay for rent and groceries. Are you sure you read it right? You may want to ask your school for more informations.
  10. catalysis

    Auburn, AL

    war eagle! anyone going to auburn in fall 19?
  11. yes, I received acceptance from Washington State the first week of January
  12. Posting my stats since I finally enrolled Undergrad Institution: Public university in big Italian city (1M citizens)Major(s): ChemistryMinor(s): n/aGPA in Major: 3.18 in Undergrad, 3.94 in MasterOverall GPA: 3.5Position in Class: n/aType of Student: International, maleGRE Scores (revised/old version): I did not take the GRE, I refuse to pay another idiotic standardized testResearch Experience: 2 years and some months, in 3 different labs/subfieldsAwards/Honors/Recognitions: n/aPertinent Activities or Jobs: Gen and Org chemistry tutor for 4 yearsAny Miscellaneous Accomplishments that Might Help: I had 3 very strong LoRSpecial Bonus Points: n/aAny Other Info That Shows Up On Your App and Might Matter: n/aApplying to Where: Auburn Purdue Emory University of Michigan Washington State Wayne State University of Kansas University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center Admitted to Auburn, Washington State, Wayne State Going to Auburn
  13. sorry to revive this thread, but does anyone know when Auburn sends official acceptance? not the one from the department, but the one from the graduate school
  14. hey guys, has anyone heard from Auburn?
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