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  1. Early for 2020 applications, but I have time on my hands right now and want to get a sense of where I could apply. Have a double bachelors in Economics and Statistics from a top 50 school in the U.S. My GPA is a 3.36 overall, with major GPA's being 3.491 and 3.367 respectively for my Economics and Statistics degrees. GRE scores are 165V/167Q/5 AWA. Have been given an award for outstanding work from my stats department for developing a minor at my school, and founding a career club/organization where I created state-wide conferences. Additionally, along with years of community service in board positions, I've got 3 years of work experience at a top tier private finance firm and a senior position at a start-up doing analytics. I'd like to apply to some top tier schools for a masters program in a statistics / biostats degree (LSE, Berkley, Oxford etc.), but given my GPA and lack of research experience - I'm weary. Would taking online courses or doing outside research projects help this?
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