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  1. Good People of the Grad Cafe World: I have a question for those of you who've had to submit course lists. One of my public affairs programs requests a list of courses and their relevant info. like: course number name principal textbook; author description of course content Considering that I obtained my BA in 2007, and that I don't have access to all of my syllabi, might any one of you have suggestions as to the best way to determine inaccessible info. like "principal textbook" without blasting an email to the many professors I once had?
  2. In major disbelief: I was moved from alternate to principle status for the full grant to Croatia Joy? Yes joy, right?! Other-worldliness if anything... Good luck to all alternates, oh how I understand the pain of limbo; just know that if you even applied for this behemoth, you are probably a qualified candidate for many great opportunities.
  3. I work at an immigration law firm (here in the U.S.), and assume that your spouse would have to comply with the country’s labor laws and obtain proper work authorization (i.e. a work visa), unless he/she wishes to work under the table... Perhaps this is something that Fulbright helps you arrange, but I’m not sure.
  4. I'm a Croatia-Alternate as well, and received the same message. Crossing fingers and knocking on wood for the both of us!
  5. This whole process is quite cryptic to me, and any clarification is insightful! What do you think may be a factor that "happens on the process (who knows when) that would force the person to give up the award and make it available for an alternate"? (I realize that an obvious one may be that an alternative/better opportunity crops up for the grantee, but other than that are you aware of any common reasons for declination?)
  6. It's my understanding from the letter that you're only removed from the alternate list if you submit a letter to IIE indicating that you want to be withdrawn from consideration. So no need to worry; hopefully it'll just be positive news and no eternal limbo!
  7. Alternate Questions: (1.) IF an alternate is to be selected as a principle grantee, does Fulbright have a standard way of informing (via snail-mail, e-mail, or phone)? (2.) Time-frame? I talked to Rachel regarding when we may hear back and she said to realistically hold tight for another month (from date of when I found out about alternate status). Yet, she went on to mention that she’s had experience informing Croatia-applicants (as I specifically asked about that) as late as August (and into the fall). What do you all consider as a realistic and general time-frame? * Someone
  8. I’m an alternate for Croatia. Receiving that as my response from Fulbright is supposed to be something generally positive, because “alternate status” implies that they did see something of great value in the proposal, however it’s really tough to accept it that way. I agree with Ms. KTB that the endurance required to wait through the application process is somewhat overwhelming especially when you sense that you almost have to put other options/considerations on hold. I think this is of particular concern for those of us who’ve applied as non-matriculated students, and are in an
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