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  1. Hi, I haven't seen a thread for IU this year so thought I would start one. I'm planning to do an MA in NELC (Near Eastern Languages and Cultures, specialising in Egypt).
  2. I'm from the UK and am taking a TA position at Indiana. I won't start teaching classes until 2021, but was wondering, how much prep do you guys do for your classes, and how much time per week do you spend on TA duties outside of your own postgraduate studies? I'm going to be teaching ancient languages if this helps.
  3. Hi from a confused European, I've been accepted to grad school (NELC, Egyptology) at Indiana, and it's made me realise that I know nothing about the American education system. In the UK, our MAs are super independent and there are barely any contact hours per week, with only a few assignments per semester. Obviously I realise it will differ by subject and discipline, but should I expect regular testing? Do I make my own notes or are you given course notes? Are there lots of presentations and tests or large assignments? Thanks in advance!
  4. Edminzodo

    Bloomington, IN

    Does anyone else have any good, 1 bedroom or studio apartment complexes that they could recommend? Cheers, Ed
  5. I got my NELC acceptance for Indiana yesterday. Not sure if this helps.
  6. My course said it on the webpage so maybe check that. I have no idea if it changes a lot, or at all, but best of luck!
  7. Edminzodo

    Bloomington, IN

    Thanks so much, I will drop you a PM soon. I've been told that my fees are $600 so I don't think that'll be too much of an issue, but I am quite concerned about housing. I appreciate your help!
  8. Edminzodo

    Bloomington, IN

    Okay - I wasn't planning on saving, in all honesty. Do you think I'd be able to get a 1 bed for under 700? Don't mind walking, biking or taking the bus but I'd rather not sign up to live with someone I didn't know in my first year?
  9. Edminzodo

    Bloomington, IN

    I've been offered the same - how are you coping?
  10. Ah, modern means more practical, at least! No, same here. I am a re-applicant from last year, and I had had a subject interview by this time last year, so very nervous! Hopefully we hear soon.
  11. Nice! So we haven't converted you yet? 😂 I went on a mini hieroglyphs course in high school because there was one being offered locally, and it went from there. Ah, okay - I applied to Queen's. Have you heard anything yet?
  12. I did, didn't get it last year so don't have high hopes for this round, either.
  13. Fellow Oriental Studies applicant here (MPhil Egyptology). Where else have you applied? And what's your college preference?
  14. Sadly I was rejected. I'm now reapplying to Oxford, and also applying to Cambridge, Liverpool, Leiden, Uppsala and Indiana. Hope yours went well!
  15. I'm applying for an MPhil at Oxford, I know it's a different programme, but nice to know that there are some others about!
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