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  1. Got the letters. Relieved!!!!
  2. Thanks. The await is 😕 Hopefully will receive it soon. At least within the next few days!
  3. I guess the same thing is happening this year too. How long did it take for you all to receive the letter? I got the offer from the department in early Feb. But no official letter yet 😕
  4. Did anyone receive the official acceptance letter from JHU? My application portal was updated on Feb 15th to accept or decline the offer. But still didn't get the official letter (with the relevant info about the stipend, tuition waiver, etc)
  5. Undergrad Institution: Sri Lanka, University of ColomboMajor(s): ChemistryMinor(s): Botany, Zoology, Computer Science GPA in Major: 3.7 / 4 Overall GPA: 3.74/4Position in Class: Type of Student: (Domestic/International, male/female, minority?) International GRE Scores (revised/old version): 306 GRE chemistry: 91 percentile Research Experience: Undergrad research Awards/Honors/Recognitions: RSC merit Pertinent Activities or Jobs: TA for one year Any Other Info That Shows Up On Your App and Might Matter:Applied to: JHU, Purdue, Texas A and M, OSU, U of Florida, Carneige Mellon, U of Rochester So far accepted to: JHU, Texas A and M, OSU, U of Rochester
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