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    Ohio Schools- thoughts?

    I am from Ohio so I know a bit about some of the campuses. I visited OSU, OU, and BGSU for my undergrad, and have visited friends there since. OSU wasn't for me - downtown Columbus and a very large city campus. It was a little overwhelming since I didn't grow up in a big city. Columbus is a really cool city to visit though, with a lot to do - sports, concerts, arts, & the zoo! I have heard from SPHS undergrads there that the graduate students aren't super impressed with the program. My friends in the undergrad program just didn't even apply there... OU is a really pretty campus & a little more of a smaller city feel (but still plenty to do with outdoor activities, bars, restaurants, sporting events). Athens is south of Columbus so that could still be a fun day trip. Hocking hills and other places to hike, bike, horseback ride, canoe, etc. are all near campus. I have a couple friends there now and they seem to love it. I feel like I remember someone saying they don't help you as much with your grad externship placements, though (not 100% sure). BGSU is farther north, almost to Toledo. One of my best friends went there for 2 years so I visited quite a bit. Probably the smallest of the towns of the three, but plenty of good food and bars still. We went up to the mall in Toledo for a day as well, since that is about an hour drive. BGSU seems very focused on the more educational side of everything - tons of my high school classmates went there for elementary, special ed, etc. I didn't particularly like the campus; it isn't particularly pretty or anything but my friend that went there still seemed to enjoy it. Hope this helps you out a bit!
  2. I had the same problem with one of my programs. I checked with undergrad advising & she told me to email or call the department and see if they have options for students that have incomplete prerequisites. Turns out they often have students entering the program missing the same class that I was, so they offer it during your first semester of grad school! So, my advice: Just call or email the department admissions office at the program you got into :) Hope everything works out for you!! Congrats on your acceptance!

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