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    HGSE 2019

    Hey, folks! Congratulations to those fortunate enough to go. I hope you get everything you hoped for from it and more. I wanted to chime in for posterity, as I got an extremely surprising rejection, though for an obvious reason. It just sucks to have undergraduate grades haunt me still. *shrug* And I do feel dumb and embarrassed, as I assumed I was going to get the Urban Scholars full ride with a really impressive essay. Program/Concentration: EPM (Master)GRE Score: 170/161/5.0GPA: 2.51 undergraduate (depression spurred by a painful parent divorce)Work Experience: 5 years at the best voucher school in the country/best school for African American kids in Wisconsin Undergrad/Grad Institution (Public, Private, Ivy, etc..): Ivy, which I take kiddos to every year http://bit.ly/DartmouthTrips Research Experience: none LoR/SoP: Superintendent (low-level known in national circles, national award winner), Supervisor, college admissions person from my undergraduate explaining to disregard my grades, all quality, statement of purpose is one of the best things I've ever written and genuinely got a tear or two from neutral parties Other: good connections from alumni, midwesterner, unique school What Other Schools Are You Applying to: Tuck, Kellogg, Wilson
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