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  1. apparently munk re-opened their applications for september..... https://munkschool.utoronto.ca/publicpolicy/programs/master-of-public-policy-program/mpp-program-admissions/?fbclid=IwAR2PRUAwOrS8HThbPaoA6n9p8TW6tiYEKMO6VGEQLXxvjmK7rypA4vxTV9A
  2. Did anyone who accepted U of T receive confirmation that their signed "confirmation/deposit" form was received? Also is there a fb group??
  3. Is anyone else still waiting on Munk? Do we know when the second round is coming out? I’m so nervous it was my top choice
  4. Is anyone still waiting on U of T, and hear anything about when they do more rounds of offers?
  5. Congrats! can you let us know if you get an email this week?
  6. Do you know if they meant this coming Monday/Tuesday (4th and 5th) or next week?
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