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  1. Agreed. Curious about what others think, especially if they've gone through EPM at HGSE.
  2. shibalnom

    HGSE 2019

    I'm expecting to have my first child in two months. Depending on if I get into my second choice or not, I plan to attend Harvard in the fall.
  3. shibalnom

    HGSE 2019

    Program/Concentration: Education Policy and Management (Master)GRE Score: 162V/157Q/3.5WGPA: 3.1Work Experience: 2 years teaching at charter school, 1 year being principal at said charter, 2 years teaching at public school, 3 years as director of education planning at a think tank, 2 years director at non profit for 2-3 schools Undergrad/Grad Institution (Public, Private, Ivy, etc..): Public - UCB Research Experience: 3 years LoR/SoP: Former principal, current supervisor, vice president of think tankOther: What Other Schools Are You Applying to: Columbia Accepted!
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