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  1. Hey all. Had a couple of questions about Cambridge and their Mphil in Modern South Asian Studies. Was surprised to find I got a conditional offer from the department. I'm waiting for college affiliation process to finish. Does anyone know the strength and reputation of the program? Also how do the graduate fare in further doctoral studies, research opps, and job searchess? My long term goal is a phd program in political science with a area focus on Conflict and peacebuilding in South Asia. The other question I had was on funding. The UK funding system is still confounding me. I applied f
  2. got a letter from fulbright. been rejected for a full grant to india. so this year was marked by complete rejections across the board. fantastic. best of luck to everyone else. if you get it enjoy the experience for me
  3. now that decision have been mailed out, if you call Cara and explain your situation, she might tell you over the phone.
  4. Also want to extend my congratulations! Any idea where you'll be teaching? @Indonesia grant winner. A friend of mine got a grant to Indonesia about last week by email as well and no mailing. But I don't think she got an email asking her for her bank routing number and other personal stuff. I'd contact your regional coordinator and straighten that out. BTW to other india full grant finalist, feel free to drop me a pm. i'm curious as to the research projects other people proposed and their affiliations. plus i can use whatever distraction I can get from my thesis
  5. so no word on india full grants
  6. Sorry to hear. i feel your pain, rejection is a crappy process. you may be looking a bit too much into it. Apparently there were 99 applications for 15 spots, that's tight competition. I'm pretty sure its not because you're chinese, that seems a bit random. definately try again next year. best of luck with your back up plans. @ rest of India applicants. If you're interested in stipend info ETA: http://www.usief.org.in/Scripts/ForU.SNationalsStudentandDoctoralResearchAwardsFulbright-NehruEnglishTeachingAssistantships.aspx research grant: http://www.usief.org.in/Scripts/ForU.SNational
  7. AGGGHH, my life cannot be in limbo any longer. grad school rejections over 3 month period was painful enough. Quick question to India finalist, I came upon this on the fulbright page and freaked out a bit. (http://us.fulbrightonline.org/program_regions_countries.html?id=6) um given that we have no idea out status, are we supposed to apply for a visa anyway?
  8. Rejected from both cornell and upenn today. wow, i guess that's the final word. grad school is not in the future for me next year
  9. is wondering if being a hermit is the way to go

  10. no worries. I would like to say its been a crapshoot year and very competitive. But honestly, in my case it'll probably boil down to my abysmal GREs and terrible organization. A part of me was hoping that my gpa, letter of recs, and undergrad would get me in somewhere, but I don't think its gonna cut it with so many ridiculously qualified applicants on the market. things I wish I had down, got my applications in like a month before the deadline, worked more on my SOP and spent more effort on my GREs (I'm a terrible test taker but its no excuse for studying harder).
  11. sorry for like the month late response. I'm research finalist
  12. hey all congrats on being accepted. I'm an undergrad here at Rochester, or we as like call it Rochacha Unfortunately, I won't be joining you guys/gals since Rochester has already rejected me. But feel free to send questions about the campus/city my way. Best Certain_Entropy
  13. Congrats to everyone so far. I've been riding the rejection express, so far 7 rejections in a row. I think I can safetly conclude that grad school is not in my immediate future
  14. i'm starting to feel that this week is gonna be a dead one for me. that and the dreary snow outside is making me wonder, if I would be better moving down south to be a hobo...
  15. Its also fantastic to see a few India finalist here. feel free to pm me, I'm curious to see what you guys/gals are up to.
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