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  1. cheysadr

    Berkeley GSPP 2019

    Hey all! Stoked to be starting at Goldman in the fall. Is there a Facebook group out there yet?
  2. cheysadr

    Berkeley Goldman (GSPP) MPP Waitlist

    Heard back last night - I'm in! They did say they have allocated all of their funding awards already, so no go there. Good luck, y'all!
  3. cheysadr

    Berkeley Goldman (GSPP) MPP Waitlist

    Oh lord! That's pretty bad. Thanks for pulling that info. So annoying but I guess they get to get away with it since they're ~Berkeley.
  4. cheysadr

    Berkeley Goldman (GSPP) MPP Waitlist

    Is there a chance you've heard back yet? I'm hoping not to have to ask for extensions for the other programs I'm considering.
  5. Anyone else on the waitlist for the MPP at Berkeley Goldman? I'm in at every other program I applied to, but still waiting on the definitive decision from GSPP to make my choice. Just wish I could know for sure so I could start making some plans!
  6. cheysadr

    UCLA Luskin

    If it's any comfort, I do have an A last name, so the alphabetical theory could have some weight.
  7. cheysadr

    UCLA Luskin

    I got my decision yesterday afternoon - provisional admission with no funding info yet. Good luck y'all!
  8. cheysadr

    UCLA Luskin

    So relieved to find this thread and see that others are suffering too! UCLA is my last incoming decision and I can finally start making some plans once I hear back from them. Hoping it comes this week!

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