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  1. Applied to LitRep for 2019 batch. Wait is killing me. Got into a couple of others. But if I get any aid here will give it a good consideration. I actually really liked the LitRep model, based on what the website said. Anyone else still waiting/heard back?
  2. Waiting on NYU myself, accepted to CUNY (2 programs at the school). Still no clue about scholarships...did you get any scholarship updates at CUNY too?
  3. Accepted by both CUNY and Columbia...deciding is proving to be a real nightmare. Any tips on how to make my decision? No aid at Columbia, so CUNY seems much more viable considering I won't be making much right outta school. But ugh...HOW do you refuse an Ivy League? I have only visited Columbia's campus, and obviously its tempting..but again, the dilemma is real!
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