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  1. I had emailed them, but haven’t heard back. What about you?
  2. None, but I will try to ask for it
  3. Probably Pratt. They have strong community and advantage location in Brooklyn. Plus,since it gives enough freedom to focus on own concentration, I can develop design project upon my own business idea, which is closed to SVA’s program setting. As I am clear on my thesis outcome, I can require pretty good resources from Pratt. Last, my target job and company are more active and mature in NY, Pratt provides me most opportunity in the area.
  4. Best wishes to your grad school! May I ask when did you turn them down? Thanks
  5. Did anyone receive SVA’s MFA Design and is going to turn them down? Because I’m on the waitlist, wanna see how much chance I might get from their last annoucement on 4.15. Thanks!
  6. Thanks! I think it's very helpful. I am really interested in SVA to be honest, since their faculties are famous and experienced. When you mentioned that SVA is not experimental enough, it might focus more on entrepreneurial theory and conventional design, which make your portfolio good enough to find job after grad. Would you like to talk more about SVA? And what about Calarts MFA in graphic design compares to SVA MFA in design?
  7. So happy for you at least you have gotten interview from Columbia. May I ask how was the interview process? Thanks
  8. What have you decided on? I am indecisive now. I got SVA, Calarts, ACCD, Pratt, and BU (graphic design), and looking for advices according to school reputation in the field and occupation after graduate.
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