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  1. I literally am still getting an error message when I try to open my application! Made me very nervous... I contacted my university and they said they had offered it to me and that NSERC has to sort out their technical issues with my application so I can accept it. Nerve wracking morning.... Congrats to everyone else.
  2. Was it when you were logging in? I can log in but when I try to open my application I get this.
  3. Anyone else getting this error message..?
  4. Hello! I am anxiously awaiting the NSERC CGS-M results... I got an email a few days ago saying the following: Funding Opportunity: Canada Graduate Scholarships-Master’s Program La version française suit. This is an automated email message. Please do not reply. The status of your application has changed. As of April 1, consult the Application Overview page in the Research Portal to view the results. Occasion de financement : Programme de bourses d’études supérieures du Canada au niveau de la maîtrise Ceci est un message automatisé. Veuillez ne pas y ré
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