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  1. blahannah

    Decision time: share your dilemma

    My background is in nonprofits and I’ve also done some local political work. My goal however is to do more rigorous policy research. I’m less concerned whether I’d be conducting that research at a nonprofit or public institution (I’m not particularly interested in the private sector).
  2. blahannah

    Decision time: share your dilemma

    Does anyone have any thoughts on LBJ vs. USC? I’m having a hard time deciding between the two given very similar amounts of funding from both programs. Neither are in my ideal location (North East), but both programs sound great from what I’ve researched. Hoping for some insights!
  3. blahannah

    Decision time: share your dilemma

    @CaliforniaBurritoAreGreat Im basically doing the same thing as you. Did you request more funding through Harris’ reconsideration form? If so, when did you submit it and then hear back? I feel like I’ve been waiting forever. Thanks!
  4. blahannah

    Decision time: share your dilemma

    Hi everyone! Hoping someone might have some wise words for me as this decision seems to get more difficult the longer I contemplate it. I’m deciding between two different paths. 1) I received a full tuition scholarship from USC, which is incredibly exciting as expense is an important factor for me and USC has a great program, but it’s also not my top choice. 2) I was accepted to other great schools like McCourt and Harris that I think might be a better fit for me, but with much less money (approx. $20K each). So whats a gal to do? One of my biggest concerns is that I want to work on the east coast, so I’m not sure if going to school in California will be a hindrance to that. If anyone has any experience or opinions I’d love to hear them! Thanks!

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