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  1. Guys did you try to login to the admitted student portal ?? I believe it is the fastest way to know https://apply.tc.edu/account/login?r=https%3a%2f%2fapply.tc.edu%2fportal%2fadmitted-students%3f_ga%3d2.236929154.222427206.1554351437-91670598.1554351437 try and let us know best luck
  2. Hey guys i applied to MA in teaching English and i have not heard from them yet , and to tell the truth i don’t wanna get my hopes up because of my GPA ,which is 3 💔 but hopefully my experience will help and i don’t know how competitive the program is ! I heard that non-certification track is the least competitive that why i chose it. however , my real issue is that i’m international Student so time is really critical because in my country US visa usually takes tow months💔💔 and to complicate it even more I applied to summer enrty ☹️☹️ So guys i’m expecting that all the decisio
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