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  1. Has anyone on the waitlist for the psychological counseling masters had an update on their status? I have yet to receive an acceptance or a rejection from them and it is getting pretty late. I emailed and they said that no change had been made yet.
  2. No change yet. I emailed them yesterday and they told me that my application was still under review and because they are receiving so many we have to be patient. I honestly have no idea when they will get to it. It could be days or weeks at this point. It's really hard because I am an International student and if I don't end up being accepted I have to make plans to stay in the U.S
  3. I just tried it and also got the same message
  4. Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone had heard back from Teacher's College for the Psychological Counseling Master's program or any of its concentrations? I had my interview in late February and was supposed to get a response in mid-late March. I still have not heard anything from admissions and there is no information on the application status when I log back in except for the fact that it was submitted for the January 15 early deadline. If anyone has any info or has been accepted/rejected it would be really helpful to know!
  5. Has anyone received a decision for the psychological counseling program (bilingual concentration)? I had my interview about a month ago and still haven't heard anything from them. They were supposed to send out decision mid to late-march
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