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  1. I think your BA might be an issue for some top programs and cause you to be simply rejected through their filtering process. If you do get through based on your other attributes, some PIs may see the avoidance of math and physical chemistry courses as a mark against you. Regardless, I am sure you will get into some programs, but when you are aiming for specific programs you always want to be as strong as possible. In the event that you do not succeed in gaining admission into a desired program, I would certainly suggest biting the bullet and taking math and p-chem. I would suggest taking the next month to look into programs and identify professors who are conducting research that you could see yourself taking part in. Reach out to them to show interest in their group while also explaining why you elected obtaining a BA (more freedom to challenge yourself with higher level courses). I would avoid saying you outright avoided the challenge of P-chem and math since a PhD is going to be challenging and you can't simply avoid the obstacles you might face. When they know you and your interests they will be far more likely to overlook any minor blemishes to your application. In the end, I don't think the degree you obtain will matter that much. As long as you can show a passion and understanding of chemistry, you should be fine. FYI. I have a lot of experience in organic synthesis and can say that P-chem is very, very useful. I had to study it to comprehend the computational side of my group's project. It helps to understand/explain the "why it works" of a lot of reactions and experiments that you might encounter. There are many textbooks that do a good job of explaining physical concepts in the context of organic chemistry. They might help you digest it a bit easier.
  2. Do they usually send out waitlist decisions over the weekend or are we stuck in Purgatory until Monday? This will really put a damper on The Game of Thrones premiere. Winter is coming.
  3. I think at this point, they are pretty set with positions on the waitlist. Most waitlists will be trimmed by the 15th and there may be one or two candidates left just in case someone who commited backs out before the start of the year. Hopefully we are in for some good news (I am not in speech pathology, but I am waitlisted and am looking for posts that keep me optimistic), but it seems our faiths are in the hands of accepted candidates. All that being said, sending a message to reaffirm your interest will never hurt. Asking for a expedited response might lead them to reject you faster, so I wouldn't recommend that. If it is your dream program, you may just want to pay the deposit and see what happens. If you are accepted later on, then you can assess the risk/rewards of losing your deposit and accepting the other offer. Best of luck!
  4. Hola my fellow wait listers! I posted this in the chemistry forum and received no response so I will try my luck here. I am waitlisted at Columbia for the chem PhD. It is my top choice and I will certainly accept if I am admitted, but the short waitlist is unranked. I was wondering if anyone knows the likelihood of getting off the waitlist for this program (or a related program)? There isn't much on the internet regarding statistics or past experiences, so if someone is in the program (or knows about it) and can give me the reality of my situation, it would be appreciated tremendously.
  5. I did not receive a rejection, but I did receive an opportunity to further develop myself and my research proposal for next year's application. Okay... I was rejected. But as a scientist, it is paramount to turn every failure into a lesson and they will no longer be failures. We'll get them next year my fellow rejectees, and congrats to those who were given their well deserved fellowships!
  6. Good luck to everyone who applied. Being an undergrad, I am just happy for the experience that I am sure will make my attempts during my PhD (if necessary) a lot stronger. At the same time, I am hopeful that if I get the award tomorrow it may serve as a ticket off the waitlist at my dream school. Here's to the final countdown!
  7. Hola everyone! I am on the "short" waitlist for Columbia and am trying to keep an optimistic attitude about my chances. Does anyone have any experience with Columbia and know whether candidates are admitted off the waitlist frequently?
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