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  1. Regardless, with the info they supplied, it probably wouldn't be hard for someone on the MIT admissions board to see it and figure out which applicant posted it. Not smart. I know stories where acceptances were reversed because people acted unprofessional in the face of rejections. Seems to me if someone is going to act like that, they probably aren't mature enough to handle grad school anyways.
  2. Historically, Jan 22-25th are big decision days. If I haven't heard back by then, I am just going to assume they are all rejections. I spend way too much time refreshing my email. lol.
  3. Why does it seem so quiet regarding admissions this week? It seems like Stanford, Yale, Cornell and Northwestern haven't sent out too many acceptances. Hopefully it is just the calm before the wave of admission offers. #TheOptimismGameIsStrong
  4. Yeah. I would contact the professor directly. I guess they could have recommended you but not had enough funding?
  5. I don't think there is a rhyme or reason behind it. I think PIs just get a list of people to call or email and they work through it at their leisure.
  6. I think you shot low. Having your research experience and a paper in prep would probably overshine your GPA at some institutions. As long as you meet the 3.0 minimum that most programs have, I think they at least glance at your application. You probaby won't get into every university, but I would assume you would get into a few. You miss 100% of the shots you don't take. If you are not crazy about your admits, take another year. By then, you could have a paper punlished and another year of research under your belt. If you go a step further and send emails to POI through the year, it will definitely elevate your chances. I was not satisfied about where I got in last year, and this year I am definitely having much happier. I think being in a program you love is essential when undergoing the pain of the Ph.D. journey.
  7. Speaking on UCLA, the deadline to sign up for the first visit is 1/24. I assume most acceptances will go out by then. After that, they could send out a few more depending on how many students attend the first visit. To my knowledge, that is how a lot of programs with two visit dates do things. However, that is just a guess and could be completely wrong.
  8. I am shocked I haven't heard from UT Austin. I thought my experience matched two of the groups super well. Based on the timeline of previous years' results, I think it might be a rejection
  9. It is a good thing, I think. It shows a mentality of not wanting to achieve your goals, but exceed them. Might explain why you have had success thus far. Probably translates in you academic performance. I like to think it is why I did not settle last year and went through the process again. That and I am a sucker for punishment.
  10. Same here. I would even argue that Columbia was my top choice going into this process. However, the more programs I get admitted into and visit, the more I am certain I will find the lab that will lead to a successful career.
  11. No. The past two years, based on the results section, Harvard sends out some offers this week but most of the admits post around 23rd-24th. So I think they might send out some this week, a lot next week, then the rejections shortly after. Keep hope alive, it's not over til its over.
  12. Thank you! Hopefully that means there is hope for me and my organic application (nervous gulp).
  13. Based on the results, this week is when a lot of programs send out a lot of the mass invites. Good luck to everyone! On another note, does anyone know the visitation dates for the following programs? They don't seem to be posted online. UT-Austin Stanford Univ of Chicago Northwestern Berkeley Cornell UIUC
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